We are aiming for a long time server for a place to people to come spend there free time to just relax and grind, the server will take a bit of time to level and gear but we want it to feel like the good old days of 1.3.6 of how you felt when you gained even that petty little tt60 weapon.

● Version: 1.3.6+

● Races: Human, Untamed and Winged Elf

● Classes: Blademaster, Wizard, Barbarian, Venomancer, Archer and Cleric

● Level Cap: 105

● Dungeons: 19-109

● Final Gear: TT99/100 & Rank 8. (custom set bonus for R8)

● Final Gems: Drakeflame, Stone of Gaea, Icebourne (subject to change)

● Max. Refine Level: +12

● PvE Server, option to turn white name from level 30, always white name at level 100.

Server Rates - Monster: EXP x3, SP x5, Coins x2, Drops x2

Questing: EXP x2, SP x5, Coins x1 since we added coins to dailys.

Extra Info:

● Added Custom set bonus for Rank 8 gears

● All TT Bosses reduced to level 120

● Lunar and frost bosses reduced to 120

● Boutique and Event Boutique are both identical except for prices.

● Thousands of new unique cosmetic items, including fashion weapons, are available for purchase in the Boutique, including many custom auras ect

● Tienkan basic success chance increased to 25% from 15%

● Removed level require for flyers, fashion and mounts.

● Can mount inside dungeons

● Unlimited Camera Zoom

● Pick up all works

● Same sex marriage

● Increased speed of flyers (many customs)

● Rewards for completing tabs and dailys ( some rewards from dailys start at certain levels to stop alt abusing)

● Reward for completing tasks every 100 (after level 30)

● Gain event gold every hour

● Meditate to gain chi

● Free equipment set that should last to at least level 19-30

● Free geographic map

● Free 8 speed flyer from level 15 Box.